Thursday, July 10, 2008


Most of the island have been sold off, though there's a few (and parts of a few) left.

Thar's oil out there, and the supporting services for oil exploration and drilling are starting to set up operations in town. Rumored a few have hit already, but still don't know the full extent of the reserves in the area. (Guessing it's pretty substantial)

The bridge to Snake Island has begun construction, and they're looking for investors and opportunities on the island. The Marina and Snake Island are possibly owned by the same group now, and this will probably help the whole project succeed much better than if they were separate.

Real estate sales are very slow, and prices are steady, but haven't declined at all. There's about a dozen condo/apartment/townhouse projects going up around town that are new in the last 6 months.

Several small and medium sized hotels on the mainland are going up, and a few condo projects are either almost finished, or just finished. The island seem to be attracting the biggest money, by far, though nothing is completed yet, except Mirax Resort.

Tourism in the rainy season (like right now) is about triple what it's been in the last few years. Don't know the reason.

No news on the new power plant going up, or the oil refinery near Steung Hauv.

If you know any more, please leave a post!