Wednesday, May 20, 2020

SihanoukVille Infrastructure in 2020.



The city's been mostly torn down, and is in the process of being built back up.

Currently, there are hardly any drivable streets, electricity, water, sewer, internet, trash removal services, zoning laws, public facilities (playgrounds, bathrooms, parks, etc...)

But "They" are working on it.

However, in place of empty land, trees, grass, slums, small buildings, there are towers up to 35 floors, finished and not, taking their place.  Also, lots of construction debris.  Most building are empty for the moment.

The airport has been upgraded, (for maybe the 8th time), and there were maybe 20 flights a day coming into town.

Condos, casinos, office parks, karaoke and mentertainment establishments, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, Chinese grocery stores.

It's either going to be a big booming beach resort casino city or a ghost town soon.