Saturday, January 11, 2014

SihanoukVille Infrastructure 2014

SihanoukVille's manufacturing, housing and infrastructure is booming.
Not only that, SihanoukVille's Islands are booming as well.

Several new factories in the 2 SEZ's (Special Economic Zones), especially the Route 4 zone.
Thanks to the Angkor Beer several million expansion (several million cans and bottles a day), we now have box and can factories (need a bottle factory too, please).

Agriculture, seafood (seaweed), and even and Absynthe distillery.

Island constuction and deep sea (shallow sea) oil drilling, we don't know about.  It's too far out.  But it's happening now.

Electricity is here, thank to the 2 new generating plants at Steung Hauv.

Housing and apartment developments popping up all over.

Water is good for the moment.

Road construction and repair every day (until the rainy season)

The SihanoukVille Port upgrades are finished, and may need more due to increased shipping.

Tourism is also growing here, on both the mainland and the islands, and the population, due to immigration from in and out of the county is growing.

What else do you need?