Thursday, November 18, 2010

New developments in SihanoukVille, Cambodia. November 2010.

It's not stopping  yet, here in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.  New roads put in, and old ones upgraded; new hotels, power plants, sewers, government offices, shopping malls, office buildings, and on and on.

Pearl City in back of Sokha and Independence Hotels is nearing compmletion of Phase One, and will have condo's and a shopping mall ready.

The real estate market is slow but improving, and prices remain high, as many people own their land outright, and are not eager to sell until they can get their asking price.

As for the SihanoukVille Airport????

The bridge to Snake Island is making slow but steady progress.

The Marina has some units sold and occupied, and construction is moving along.

Some large residential complexes are either finished, or just finishing up (at least with the initial phases).

Hilton Park Villa and BS Holiday Villa & Condominium on O'Pee street (or is it O'Bye) have sold substantial numbers of units, and the BS Villa has many occupied homes. The project in town at the old bus station has nearly 100 townhomes almost ready. On CT Street, the shopfronts of the only development right on the street are occupied, and construction continues behind. Several (dozen) apartment buildings have been completed this year and are fully occupied.

Power plant construction has begun in Steung Hauv, which may supply electricity to SihanoukVille.

The Port facilities are complete (for the moment. They never stop expanding)

And on and on...................