Monday, March 8, 2010

SihanoukVille, Cambodia Still Booming in 2010

It just doesn't stop.  New roads, new power plants, water supplies, new hotels, more islands opening up, ATM's, fast food, banks, stop lights, housing developments, even a city within a city.  SihanoukVille, Cambodia keeps growing.

And fast.

The inland marina is almost (still) finished, with many condos occupied already, the bridge to the island formerly known as Snake Island is about halfway done.  Ocheteaul and Independence beaches are getting facelifts.

Independence Hotel and Sokha Resort are adding hundreds of new rooms and bungalows, and the new Sokha Hotel on Ocheteaul beach is a few years away from completion with 1,000 new rooms.

Downtown, there's at least 4 large residential/commercial projects at least 70% finisihed which will provide more than 550 new single family homes and condos as well as commercial space.

New local and national universities are springing up and the existing ones are getting bigger.

The city behind Sokha Resort, has at least 200 apartments up, and it's not 20% finished yet.

Progress on the dozens of island projects remains sketchy, but some are advertising for investors.

The city has opened brand new goverment offices in the last year, such as a new courthouse, city hall, tax office, post office, (still no library or SihanoukVille Museum)

Tourism didn't expand too much this past year, but it didn't decrease either.

Stop lights, street lights, (and police to enforce the laws) are now all over town.
Every major holiday here stresses out the beaches and hotels, but this should get better with more rooms and more beaches opening up.

Worst of all, the local brewery, Angkor Beer, has doubled production, (which was doubled last year as well), and still has to work 24/7 to keep up with demand.

Other coastal towns around SihanoukVille, like Kampot, Kep, Bokor and Koh Kong are also following the same pattern as here, but aren't as developed yet.

It doesn't look like development is going to stop anytime soon in and around SihanoukVille.