Thursday, April 3, 2008

New happenings in SihanoukVille

* The second stop light is going in, in front of Caltex and UCB Bank. The first traffic signal is in front of Total / Sokimex / Camshin.

* Design work on the Chinese owned refinery on the road to Steung Hauv has begun, as has the port / transfer system of the oil from the ocean to the refinery.

* All signs point to major oil and gas extraction efforts off the coast of SihanoukVille.

* A 737 jet from Singapore has landed at the SihanoukVille Airport. Believe this is the first international flight (at least in several years)

* Design and surveying has begun on the Russian project - bridge to Snake Island

* The marina is substantially (about 80%) fininshed. Waiting to watch the filling of the inland marina with sea water.

* Still haven't found the site for the new KFC coming to town.

* Opening of the 4th casino in SihanoukVille day's away???

* Happy New Year!
more... later

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